Bringing About Change

Our Mission

We’re a rapidly developing company, at the forefront of industry innovation in the UK crayfish market. From humble beginnings we have grown into the largest supplier of wild caught UK signal crayfish in the country. Due to new government legislation making it highly illegal to buy and sell live crayfish anywhere in Britain or export abroad, we have had to adapt, innovate and develop a new market and products for wild caught crayfish in the UK.

Despite our success in these areas, we haven’t lost sight of our first and foremost objective. To give our customers ethically sourced and processed crayfish produce of the absolute highest quality.

All of our staff are local to the areas in which we fish. So, believe it or not, we really care about how we go about things. We’re headed up by our ‘master trapper’, Andrew Leech. If you want to know something about signal crayfish in British rivers, he’s your man. He’s spent the last 20 years, trapping and removing crayfish from Berkshire’s chalk stream valley for fishing clubs and landowners…trying to keep a lid on their crayfish populations, which is not an easy task. It takes proper graft! His knowledge, expertise and engineering skills, have been fundamental in our work and proved pivotal when creating the largest indoor bio-secure facility in the UK which means we can humanely process the great numbers of crayfish we remove from Britain’s waters.

Our aim as a company is to aid (via delicious food-based product) in sustaining our British waterways for future generations, whilst maintaining a certain standard of produce and service to our customers. 

We want to;

  • Increase awareness of the plight of our rivers.

  • Increase the popularity of crayfish as a food product in the UK.

  • Reduce the impact of crayfish on our eco system. 

Read on below to find out more about our new approach to ‘cray-fishing’.

A new approach to Cray-fishing

When the government banned the sale of live crayfish, both at home and abroad, our world changed overnight. What we were doing for years, was now suddenly highly regulated as well as illegal! 

We have had to very quickly come up with new ways to create and develop a market for crayfish that have been despatched before any sale.

Not just anyone can catch crayfish, you have to be approved. We are fully licensed by DEFRA to trap in our waterways and transport to our storage facility. We work closely with DEFRA, as well as the Environment Agency, Natural England and CEFAS in order to make sure we are following all new rules and regulations.

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