Our Technology

State of the art facilities  

We have the largest indoor bio-secure crayfish facility in the country. The building has been specifically built for Crayfish processing and purging. 

The whole aim when designing our building and processing methods is to reduce stress for the animals as much as possible, as this vastly improves the finished quality of the shellfish.

 Firstly the location of our storage facility is key. We are sprung fed fresh water from the Kennet, just a quarter of a mile away!

 Filtered on it’s way into the facility via natural reed beds, this continuous flowing water from a tributary of the Kennet means the water the fish are stored in is actually a purer form than where they came from! This improved habitat, throughout any processing is fantastic for them to purge, de-stress and keep their stunning pure flavour. 

We have designed and hand-built many elements of our facility in order to accommodate the crayfish, continuing our theme of reducing stress in the animals.

This includes hand made, covered tanks. Crayfish love the dark, and this allows them to chill out as much as possible.

We have also created a unique self-grading assembly to improve the grading process for the fish. In the past during hand-grading, the crayfish used to be more concerned with fighting each other! With our new design and set-up, they simply try and find their way to the darkest point possible in the unit, meaning they end up sorting themselves by size very swiftly, without the added stress, or any bickering! 

Finally, furthering our commitment to our ethical enterprise we also commissioned a custom built Environment Agency approved stunning machine. As a company we consider humanely dispatching crustaceans to be really important making the investment a really worthwhile cause for us. 

More about our ethical enterprise

Perfect Packaging 

We also have a unique and amazing packaging system at our disposal that vacuum packs our fish into microwaveable trays. A process that gives them up to 21 days shelf life, which for shellfish is simply astounding!

This technology also allows you to enjoy them straight from the packet both cold or warmed through!

All of our fish is cooked on site, so we have full control over production which we think is key in providing you with the highest quality crayfish.