Crayfish of the Kennet Valley

Our unique and delicious Kennet Valley Signal Crayfish are hand caught in the wild from the crystal clear chalk waters of Berkshire.

They have a wonderfully distinct flavour, given the purity of the waters in which we catch them.

We say they’re the best crayfish you can get in the UK, but then of course we are a little bias.

Our crayfish have been used by multiple Michelin starred restaurants in a variety of amazing dishes, and have even featured on Saturday Kitchen in the past.


A long, illustrious history

Our specially built traps are hand-pulled from the rivers and the crayfish are then sorted, graded and cleaned in our brand new one of a kind crayfish processing centre.

Because of the nature of the river in which they’re caught, the flowing nutrient rich waters give our crayfish a sweeter, delicate more delicious flavour than crayfish found in lakes, or farms. Making our crayfish the finest quality from river to plate.

Crayfish of the Kennet Valley have a long and illustrious history too, popular for centuries. In 1884, W. Clowes writes of the Kennet Valley in the ‘Fisheries Exhibition Literature’;

‘The fish found in these streams are all very fine and compromise trout, pike, perch…and-last by no means least-very famous crayfish’