The Waters

Pure Chalk Stream Water

We are truly blessed here in the south of England. The water flowing through our chalk streams is almost unique to this part of the world, with our rivers accounting for ninety-five per cent of the planet’s supply of chalk water.

These distinctive gin-clear rivers begin from springs of permeable chalk bedrock. The water emerges from this bedrock purified, filtered and chilled, supplying rivers such as the famous Kennet.

Mineral rich, and full of nutrients they make havens for iconic species such as otters and kingfishers. They also happen to offer up some of the best tasting fish money can buy such as trout and of course, our crayfish!

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Our River – The Kennet

Travellers of a nearly by-gone age in the old coaching days could tell of the great gastronomic attractions.’
W. Clowes, 1884

The River Kennet flows for a round about 45 miles through the gorgeous, largely rural counties of Wiltshire and Berkshire. Rising at Swallow Head Spring, near Silbury Hill in Wiltshire, it flows languidly through areas of striking natural beauty and past gorgeous riverside towns and villages, until it enters the River Thames at Reading.

Much of the river is embraced on both sides by the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), and provides us with an amazing range of outlooks, trails, paths and walks making it very popular with cyclists and walkers.

The Kennet enjoys a huge range of rare plants species, animals and insects, totally unique to chalk water environments. It is the home of many a fish too!

The clean waters are ever so popular with anglers, a popularity that extends a long way back into history. The river has a huge association with fly-fishing and Kennet fish have been sought-after produce for centuries!

Daniel Defoe wrote of The Kennet in his ‘A Tour Thro’ the Whole Island of Great Britain’ (1724-27), ‘the river is famous for crayfish, which they help travellers to at Newbury; but they seldom want for price.

It’s lucky then, that we make ours a little more affordable, so you can enjoy the delights of Kennet Crayfish for yourself.