The Best Tasting UK Crayfish

Kennet Crayfish. Wild-caught in the crystal clear chalk streams of Berkshire

Trapped by hand exclusively along the River Kennet our Crayfish are from the gin-clear, nutrient rich waters of some of the worlds only chalk streams. This gives them their unique and delicious taste.

Crayfish are just like mini lobsters, and many argue the taste is even better. Containing morsels of delicious sweet meat, they really are great eating.

Accompanied by a cold glass of bubbly or your favourite refreshing tipple, they make for a fabulous treat!

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Do your bit for Britain’s aquatic life

Signal Crayfish are the scourge of the waterways of Britain. Yes, they taste amazing, but the damage they cause is becoming irreparable.

Not only have they decimated our native crayfish species populations. They also eat all the young fish and invertebrates, ruin plant life and collapse riverbanks. Talk about muddying the water!

By eating our Crayfish, not only do you get a delectable dinner, but you are going some way to curtail the impact of this invasive species, great work!

Protecting British Rivers

Kennet Crayfish, a long and illustrious history.

Because of the nature of the river in which they’re caught, the flowing nutrient rich waters give our crayfish a sweeter, delicate and more delicious flavour than crayfish found in lakes, or farms.

This makes our crayfish the finest quality from river to plate.

Crayfish of the Kennet Valley have a long and illustrious history too, popular for centuries. In 1884, W. Clowes writes of the Kennet Valley in the ‘Fisheries Exhibition Literature’;

‘The fish found in these streams are all very fine and compromise trout, pike, perch…and-last by no means least-very famous crayfish’

Our Special Waters

Crayfish of the Kennet Valley

We say they’re the best crayfish you can get in the UK, but then of course we are a little bias. 

Not only this, but they’ve been used by multiple Michelin starred restaurants in a variety of ways, and have featured on Saturday Kitchen in the past. Kennet Crayfish were even supplied for the Royal Wedding in 2011!

Our specially built traps are hand-pulled from the rivers and the crayfish are then sorted, graded and cleaned in our brand new one of a kind crayfish processing centre.

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