Amazing Crayfish 

Completely Unique Flavour

Because of the nature of our river, the flowing nutrient rich waters give our crayfish a sweeter, delicate and more delicious flavour than crayfish found in lakes, or farms.

We traditionally hand trap in the chalk stream rivers of southern England providing the best quality Crayfish due to the purity of our clear waters. Akin to the terroir in wine it’s the purity of the water that gives our crayfish their outstanding and completely unique ‘clean’ taste.

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Delicious and Nutritious

In England crayfish are no longer available to be sold live (legally!) Our specially built traps are hand pulled from the rivers and the crayfish are then sorted graded and cleaned in our brand new state of the art, crayfish processing centre.

Processing through our cutting edge technology is what helps make our crayfish the finest quality from river to plate. 

Crayfish are also an awesome, extremely healthy meal option. They are a low fat, low calorie source of protein, and contain lots of healthy vitamins, helping keep you young and virile!

 Rich in calcium and magnesium, which promote stronger, healthier bones, crayfish also contain a great amount of omega 3 fatty acids, which increases brain function, improves skin health, promotes a faster metabolism and healthier heart function.

We know, right! All of the above from delicate morsels of lovely tasting fish.

What more could you ask for!